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Justin Wheeler March 26, 2011 Announcements

Welcome to our Support Desk.  We aim to reply within 24 hours and are trying to speed that up.  We are here to help you make the most of Easy Fan Page Design.

Here you can ask us questions, explore our knowledge base for answers, comment and respond on forums and read articles for more information on specific topics. This support desk is designed to make things easier for you!

If you are experiencing problems with your Software please could you be sure to give us the following information to help us speed up matters:

Plugin Version Number

Your Wordpress Version (We are only compatible with WP 3.0 or later)

Your Webhost

If you have any screenshots of error messages they would also be helpful.

If you are experiencing problems with Facebook Integration then we need a screenshot of the Facebook Integration tab of Facebook, and your Facebook Page Name.

Good customer support is a focal part of our business so please do get in touch if there is anything we can do to help you. We are aiming to respond within 24 hours but please do bear with us if a reply is a little longer than that...

Our support system will update you on the progress of your ticket request.

Thank you,

Justin Wheeler

Vashon Media.

Justin Wheeler March 23, 2011 1 Announcements

The next big version of our plugin is getting closer to release.  Cleaning bugs, making some big improvements watch this space for more details and to sign up for advanced notification please do go and visit http://www.easyfanpagedesign.com